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    Bigflex Essential Glutamine Powder | 50 Servings | Muscle Recovery, Repair & Growth | Unflavoured L-Glutamine

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    Promotes muscle recovery: Glutamine helps to reduce your post-workout recovery time. It helps the body to produce muscle cells that are free of damage while also speeding up their growth. It allows you to train harder and experience enhanced performance during exercise by increasing physical strength, energy, and endurance.
    Increases physical performance: BigFlex glutamine increases the body’s ability to build lean muscles that are free of damage during exercise. It also enhances the body’s energy for longer workout sessions. Glutamine can increase exercise tolerance, making it possible for you to work out harder and longer than before. And because glutamine is stored in muscles, your body will have an easier time recovering from strenuous workouts.
    Maintains a healthy digestive system: The intestines serve different roles in the body including nutrient transportation and absorption, cell development and regeneration, protection from pathogens, the balance of bacteria levels, etc. Glutamine assists with the maintenance of intestinal cells to promote healthy digestion for maintaining healthy blood sugar levels and strong immunity against infections brought about by poor nutrition.

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    Bigflex Essential Mass Gainer [ Strawberry Banana, 3Kg ] | 15Gm Protein | 120Gm Carbs | 547 Calories | High Protein and High Calorie Mass Gainer

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    Increases Mass: To assist them build more muscle, some people utilize supplements such as mass gainers. A mass gainer aids in obtaining the additional calories required to increase muscular mass.BigFlex’s mass gainer is one of the best carbs supplements. A person has to eat more meals to receive more nutrients while they are engaging in intense physical activity. A handy option to increase calorie intake is by using a supplement that has more protein and carbs.
    Improves Athletic Performance: An athletic person needs to utilize a supplement with additional protein and carbohydrates, like BigFlex’s bulk gainer supplement for men, is a convenient way to enhance caloric intake. The muscle gainer supplement from BigFlex also includes other components including vitamins, minerals, and taurine. This improves endurance and increases performance.
    Helps Muscles Recover Faster: Big Flex’s Mass Gainer supplement for men includes protein from whey and casein, two high-quality protein sources. They are ideal for providing nutrients for post-workout muscle repair. They nourish the muscles and promote the formation of lean muscle. A mass gainer is a high-calorie dietary supplement to fulfill the body’s high energy requirements. The ideal ratio of high-quality macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates, and fat) is provided by a mass gainer.

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    Bigflex Prime L-Glutamine Powder Unflavoured (50 Servings)

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    Boost performance & endurance : Bigflex Prime Glutamine Supplement for men helps fuel your muscles with necessary electrolytes like Calcium and Sodium, making sure your muscles are prepared to go the distance at the gym, not affectingyour workout goals. This is also great for people who are on the field, or on the run. Additionally, it supports the body’s equilibrium and helps to regulate the pH of the body to support that balance, both of which are necessary for general fitness.
    Increase Strength : Compared to most other L-Glutamine tablets and muscle recovery supplements for men on the market, Bigflex Prime Glutamine Supplement for men offers 5g glutamine per serving. Additionally, it is more readily absorbed and improves the body’s capacity for recovery, restoration, and protection, which is frequently insufficient in many people. This makes it a great dietary supplement for your workout goals in order to lift more, and increase strength!
    5g glutamine per serve ! : Glutamine also increases blood flow to the muscles, which helps to increase muscle mass and endurance. Bigflex’s Prime Glutamine is a supplement for men that helps increasing muscular mass and increasing stamina as a result. Bigflex’s Prime Glutamine is available in a convenient unsweetened style for your convenience and you can mix it with whatever is your preference, can be consumed with other liquids of choice.

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