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GNC Pro Performance 100% Casein Protein,

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Don’t let anything stop your muscle recovery no matter what! GNC Pro Performance 100% Casein (25 Servings) with its slow and steady stream of amino acids keeps rebuilding your muscles over a span of many hours. Each serving is loaded with 25g of pure & premium protein with 15.03g EAAs and 7g BCAAs to take care of all your daily protein needs. GNC’s Casein digests slowly and keeps you feeling full for a very long time, which dissuades you from reaching out for snacks often and subsequently helps you lose weight much sooner. Plus, it encourages your body to burn unwanted fat for energy while improving metabolism.

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Key Benefits:

  • CONSTANT & STEADY SUPPLY OF AMINO ACIDS: GNC Pro Performance 100% Casein releases a constant and steady stream of amino acids to fuel muscle growth and recovery over a span of several hours. One serving contains 25g of pure slow-digesting protein with Glutamine and EAAs, which effectively sustain your body’s daily protein needs.
  • IMPROVES WEIGHT-LOSS RESULTS: GNC 100% Casein keeps you full for longer as it’s slower to digest. It drives your body to convert unwanted fat into energy and also boosts metabolism to support your weight-loss efforts.
  • PROMOTES OVERNIGHT MUSCLE RECOVERY: GNC’s Casein works as an anti-catabolic agent to stop the breakdown of muscle proteins during night time when your body doesn’t get food. It provides a non-stop supply of amino fuel to continue the muscle recovery process during the whole night.
  • CONTRIBUTES TO LONG-TERM MUSCLE GAINS: GNC’s Casein contains a good amount of Leucine and other important amino acids, which increases muscle protein synthesis to give you long-term muscle gains with reduced instances of fatigue.
  • EASY TO DIGEST & BANNED SUBSTANCE FREE: GNC’s 100% Casein includes a special multi-enzyme complex called DigeZyme containing Alpha Amylase, Protease, Lipase, Cellulase, and Lactase, which makes this protein easy on the stomach. Plus, it is certified as banned substance free for professional sports use. Since 1935, GNC has emerged as one of the global pioneering heads in the field of health and wellness with over 85 years of scientific expertise and 100+ stores globally. We at GNC are committed to help everyone lead healthier lives by maintaining ingredient transparency, truth in labelling, and high product purity to bring the best to you.

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