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    Bigflex Prime Whey Protein 2Kg | Whey Protein Blend [CHOCOLATE CREAM] | 25g Protein Per Serving | 5.3g BCAA |No Added Sugar | Faster Muscle Recovery & Improved Strength 60 Servings.


    Protein 24g, BCAA 5.3g, Gluten Free, With added digezyme: BigFlex’s Prime whey protein powder boosts muscle mass, alleviates discomfort in the muscles, and lessens tiredness. It is gluten free with added digezyme. This makes you recover from your workout faster & efficiently. BigFlex whey protein powder is a prime whey protein, which is grass Fed, one of the best whey proteins for all your workout needs & build lean muscle mass.
    BigFlex Prime Whey protein has digestive enzymes & minerals: This provides immense nutritional value which is essential to the growth of muscle. BigFlex’s Prime whey is a crucial macronutrient that aids in the production of enzymes and hormones, muscular growth, and tissue healing protein. Utilizing BigFlex’s protein powder may help lose fat and tone muscles. BigFlex’s pure prime Whey protein is water soluble. You can consume it with water or with other liquids like milk, almond milk etc.
    Helps to facilitate muscle protein synthesis, Helps in muscle recovery & growth: BigFlex’s Prime Whey protein is used to build muscle and improve strength. BigFlex’s Gold standard Whey protein encourages muscle and strength building in the following ways: It offers amino acids and protein, which act as the building blocks for accelerated muscle development. It contains a lot of leucine, an amino acid known to promote production of muscle proteins.

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