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    GNC Pro Performance Bulk 1340 | Protein-Carbs Ratio of 1:5 For Target Gains | Boosts Muscle Size & Energy | 50g Protein | 279g Carbs | 1340 Cal | 1.5g Creatine | Double Chocolate | 2 kg | 5 Servings


    HIGH-CALORIE GAINER FOR TARGETED GAINS: GNC Pro Performance Bulk 1340 is formulated for individuals aiming to bulk up right rather than experience random weight gain. As the name indicates, each serving contains 1340 calories, the highest in the market. It has a nutrient-rich composition of Protein and Carbs in 1:5 ratio, which offers a rich calorie source to ensure your body builds up in a healthy way.
    HIGH-CARB CONTENT FOR REPLENISHING CALORIE STORES: A single serving of the GNC’s Bulk 1340 is generously loaded with 279g of Carbohydrates to maintain your body’s glycogen stores. This allows your body to use the newer carbohydrates for energy rather than the existing calorie reserves and prevents unwanted weight loss.
    EXCELLENT PROTEIN FUEL FOR HIGHEST MUSCLE GAINS: GNC’s Bulk 1340 also contains 50g Protein with 9.5g BCAAs and 7gm Glutamine, which offer strong amino support for faster muscle growth and healthy gains. Furthermore, this potent protein profile strengthens your immune system and minimises breakdown during and after workout to give training results beyond expectations.

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