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    MuscleBlaze Mass Gainer Xxl With Complex Carbs, Proteins & Digestive Enzymes


    HIGH CALORIE GAINING FORMULA: MuscleBlaze Mass Gainer XXL is a potent supplement that when used in conjunction with training helps gym-goers bulk up. It is a high calorie-gaining formula which offers a sizable 1361 kcal and 76.5 g protein from three servings with milk
    CARBS FROM MULTIPLE SOURCES: This mass gainer has the ideal ratio of quick and slow metabolising carbs, which supports in sustaining the body’s calorie supply and supplies enough energy to keep your body’s glycogen stores at optimum levels, and to contribute to muscle growth
    TOP-TIER PROTEIN BLEND: MB Mass Gainer XXL helps in muscle repairing and building through its unique blend obtained from 5 sources of protein which contain slow, medium and fast-acting proteins to keep your protein tank fuelled up

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