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    Bigflex Essential Glutamine Powder | 50 Servings | Muscle Recovery, Repair & Growth | Unflavoured L-Glutamine

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    Promotes muscle recovery: Glutamine helps to reduce your post-workout recovery time. It helps the body to produce muscle cells that are free of damage while also speeding up their growth. It allows you to train harder and experience enhanced performance during exercise by increasing physical strength, energy, and endurance.
    Increases physical performance: BigFlex glutamine increases the body’s ability to build lean muscles that are free of damage during exercise. It also enhances the body’s energy for longer workout sessions. Glutamine can increase exercise tolerance, making it possible for you to work out harder and longer than before. And because glutamine is stored in muscles, your body will have an easier time recovering from strenuous workouts.
    Maintains a healthy digestive system: The intestines serve different roles in the body including nutrient transportation and absorption, cell development and regeneration, protection from pathogens, the balance of bacteria levels, etc. Glutamine assists with the maintenance of intestinal cells to promote healthy digestion for maintaining healthy blood sugar levels and strong immunity against infections brought about by poor nutrition.

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