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Big Muscle Quick Mass Gainer


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  • Quick Mass Gainer Ultimate weight gain formula 1250 Calories serving.50 gm protein muscle recovery with high-quality ingredients. Mix 3 level scoops with water
  • 1250 Calories per serving.
  • 50 gm of protein for muscle recovery.

[custom tab] [directions]Mix 3 level scoops (approx. 100g) of QUICK MASS with 250 ML of water. For added calories add QUICK MASS with milk. Stir and/or shake until dispersed and immediately drink. [/directions] [ingredients]INGREDIENTS: Malt Dextrin, Skimmed Milk Powder, Whole Milk Powder, Starch, Sucrose, Soy Protein  Isolate (90%), Creatine  Monohydrate, Whey Protein Concentrate (80%), Added Flavors (Nature Identical Flavoring Substances), Calcium Phosphate {INS 341(i)} and sodium Benzoate (E211) as Preservative.[/ingredients] [info]Bigmuscles nutrition quick mass is the ultimate weight gain formula. With 800 calories per serving and 12 grams of protein for muscle recovery, this instantized powder makes a sizable post-workout and between meals shake. BigMuscles quick mass gives you the tools you need to pack on pounds and – when coupled with serious weight training – develop your physique to the fullest. BigMuscles quick mass” combines scientific research with premium ingredients at precise doses to bring you the best possible results. BigMuscles quick mass is the ultimate mass gainer. With both a 1 scoop and 2 scoop serving, you can customize BigMuscles quick mass to fit your personal fitness goals or diet requirements. Combining only premium protein sources and a complex carbohydrate blend, BigMuscles quick mass is made for one thing: Building serious size. Unlike most mass gainers on the market, you won’t find low-quality concentrate protein or cheap maltodextrin in BigMuscles quick mass, only the highest-quality ingredients that produce incredible results. Gaining muscle mass and size can be very challenging, especially when you have a fast metabolism or find it difficult to consume enough calories and protein during the day. BigMuscles quick mass is a high-quality mass and size gainer that is loaded with enough protein, calories, and other nutrients to help even the hardest gainers pack on mass and size. Unlike many other mass gainers out there, BigMuscles quick mass also tastes delicious and has amazing mixability

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