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Genetic Nutrition Bio Whey


A breakthrough formula of Whey protein concentrates and Whey protein isolate. Now you don’t have to suffer from bloating and bad taste. Here is the new and highly researched formula and of course a delectable taste. This product is believed to provide more than 25g of protein per scoop with naturally occurring BCAA and EAAs. It is designed for people who are living an active lifestyle, athletes, fitness enthusiasts, sports person and avid gym-goer to meet their daily protein requirements.

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  • HELPS BUILDING STRONG AND LEAN MUSCLES- Whey protein helps to build lean muscle mass effectively to ensure faster lean muscle growth.
  • BETTER ABSORPTION TO SUPPORT FAST MUSCLE RECOVERY-Whey protein is absorbed more fast which is required immediately post work-out for muscle recovery.
  • ENRICHED WITH 5.5g BCAAs & 11.7g EAAs Each serving of Bio Whey is enriched with naturally occuring 5.5 grams of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) and 11.7 grams of essential amino acids (EAAs) thus providing essential fuel to support muscle recovery & helps to build muscular strength and stamina.
  • NO COMPROMISE ON TASTE It provides tasty cookies and cream flavour. Any meal topped up with this whey protein ensures that you get your daily intake of protein without compromising on taste.

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Chocolate Ganache, Cookies and Cream, Coffee Caramel


1kg, 2kg, 500g



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