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MuscleBlaze Citrulline Malate, Arginine precursor, promotes nitric oxide production


Every bodybuilder and athlete looks for options to delay the onset of fatigue in order to give it their best in each workout session. As you training gets more intense, the nutritional support that you need increases too.
Amino acids are the most important nutrient required by the body. Of the several amino acids that constitute the muscles of our body, citrulline malate is one that provides several benefits. You can obtain this important nutrient through supplements like Muscleblaze citrulline malate.
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Key Benefits:

  • MuscleBlaze Citrulline Malate 0.22 lb Unflavoured is a potent precursor to arginine, which helps to promote Nitric Oxide production
  • It helps to facilitate increased flow of blood and nutrients to muscles that leads to bigger muscle growth
  • Citrulline Malate from MuscleBlaze aids in delaying the onset of fatigue and helps to build endurance
  • MuscleBlaze Citrulline Malate 0.22 lb helps to increase exercise intensity and rapid muscle recovery after intense workout sessions
  • Mix one scoop of Muscleblaze Citrulline Malate with 300 ml of water for best results. Note: Daily dose shouldn’t be more than 3 scoops

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