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MuscleBlaze High Protein Peanut Butter


MuscleBlaze MB Protein Peanut Butter is a rich chocolatey experience for all fitness lovers. This rich creamy peanut butter offers you 30% protein to fulfill your everyday protein requirements. This product is enriched with premium quality protein blend. This exotic blend of rich dark chocolate and healthy peanut butter is perfectly healthy and delicious at the same time as it contains no added preservatives or even salt, just pure peanuts roasted perfectly to leave a rich aroma. This versatile spread can be used to make delicious protein smoothies or shakes or can be spread on your toast. It can also be used in multiple recipes and if you want you can also dig in and have 2 spoonfuls of this chocolatey peanut butter. Forget all the unhealthy spreads!

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Key Benefits
  • 1 Now a natural peanut butter with the goodness of both peanuts (80%) and whey protein(20%)
  • 2 With 37% of protein, this Protein Peanut Butter is a perfect grab for those looking to manage their healthy fats as well as protein intake
  • 3 Each serving helps you become healthier as it provides your body with rich dietary fiber for improved digestion and satiation to avoid unhealthy munching
  • 4 With a creamy texture and crunchy peanut chunks, this protein peanut butter is free from any hydrogenated oils and preservatives
  • 5 MuscleBlaze® Protein Peanut Butter does not contain any added sugar, salt and GMOs
  • A protein-rich spread: This deliciously smooth spread offers you 30g protein which is ideal for rendering your daily protein needs. It is enriched with premium quality protein blen, which is imported, to give you the finest quality nutrition. This spread can make your every day a protein-day.
  • The goodness of the finest quality peanuts: This creamy and chocolatey peanut butter is made with the finest quality peanuts roasted at the right temperature to leave a tempting aroma and rich taste. Peanuts are a wonderful source of protein and good fats that keep your heart healthy and helps with weight management. This peanut butter is a great choice if you’re looking to lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • Exotic dark chocolate flavor: A fusion of crunchy and aromatic peanut butter and exotic dark chocolate is what makes this product a special one. It’s so creamy that it melts in the mouth leaving a chocolatey taste that lasts long along with the crunch of perfectly roasted peanuts. This product is a healthy and scrumptious delight for every fitness enthusiast.
  • No added salt and preservatives: MB Protein Peanut Butter gives you a pure experience of nutrition in the healthiest way possible. The product is free from any added preservatives. It also does not contain any salt, just roasted peanuts mixed with dark chocolate and premium quality whey.
How to use it?
You can consume it directly. Just dig in the jar and have 2 spoonfuls of this crunchy delight. You can also use it in multiple recipes and to make protein shakes or smoothies. This versatile peanut butter can also be spread on toasts.

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CRUNCHY, Dark Chocolate Creamy


750g, 340g


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