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MuscleBlaze Natural Peanut Butter


MB Natural Peanut Butter Creamy: A nutty and creamy protein delight
This extremely nutty and creamy peanut butter by MuscleBlaze is an absolute delight. Made with 100% roasted peanuts, this creamy spread is rich in protein. Each 100g serving of this peanut butter offers 29g protein to fulfill your daily protein intake and keep you fit and active. This peanut butter is a pure and clean source of nutrition as it contains no preservatives, sugar, or even salt. It is free from trans-fat and hydrogenated oils. It is high in fiber that makes it a great choice for healthy snacking as fiber keeps you full for longer periods of time, letting you avoid unhealthy snacks.


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Key Benefits
  • 1 100% Natural Ingredients: MB Natural Peanut Butter Creamy is a nutty and creamy spread of joy and nutrition made with 100% roasted peanuts and that’s all
  • 2 High protein: It offers 29g protein per serving of 100g to fulfill your daily protein needs
  • 3 Rich in fiber: It offers 7g fiber per serving to keep you satiated for long and boost digestion and absorption
  • 4 A pure nutty spread: No added sugar, salt, & preservatives
  • 5 A clean source of nutrition: Trans-fat free and contains no hydrogenated oils

MuscleBlaze natural peanut butter which is unsweetened, 0.750 kg, creamy, offers a delightful blend of pure roasted peanuts, delivering a nutty and satisfying taste. Packed with 29g protein per 100g serving, it promotes daily protein needs for an active lifestyle. With zero additives, sugar, and salt, its high fiber content ensures lasting fullness and healthy snacking.

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CRUNCHY, Creamy, Super Smooth, Extra Crunchy


1kg, 750 g


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