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MuscleBlaze Omega 3 Fish Oil Gold 3x Triple Strength (EPA & DHA), 60 SoftGel Capsules.

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HIGH EPA & DHA: Get triple strength of EPA & DHA in just one capsule of MB Fish Oil Gold. With 560mg EPA & 400mg DHA, each capsule is equivalent to triple the strength of an ordinary fish oil supplement.
MOLECULARLY DISTILLED: Muscleblaze Fish Oil Gold goes through a high-vacuum molecular distillation process to ensure that you receive pure and premium quality, triple strength fish oil. It also ensures that all harmful substances are filtered and in turn works by lowering your triglycerides levels and is a great cholesterol-buster
SOURCED FROM SARDINES: MB Fish Oil Gold with triple omega strength presents the gold standard of fish oil as it has fish oil extracted from the best sources. Sardines, the fishes found in cold water are the source of this premium fish oil. It is filtered to be offered in the purest form so that the bodybuilders get maximum benefits.
MUSCLE SYNTHESIS & GAIN: Consumption of MB Fish Oil Gold helps prevent the early onset of muscle fatigue after intense workouts. It also helps in muscle synthesis and lean mass gain


Key Benefits
  • 1 MuscleBlaze Fish Oil Gold each softgel containing 1250mg of omega-3 fatty acids that provides 560mg EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid) and 400mg DHA (docosahexaenoic acid)
  • 2 MuscleBlaze Fish Oil Gold is sourced from cold water fish such as sardines and processed via a molecular distillation process to refine the product from heavy metals including lead and mercury often found in marine animals
  • 3 Omega-3 fatty acids are helpful in regulating the insulin sensitivity, reducing the onset of muscle soreness, and reducing the fat accumulation in the body to facilitate lean mass gain
  • 4 Apart from lean mass gain, intake of recommended daily allowance can help improve cardiovascular health, enhance focus and brain health, improve bone and joint health to reduce the risks of injuries caused during heavy-duty workouts
Tailored for Athletes: MB Fish Oil Gold is specially formulated with triple strength, i.e. 560mg EPA and 400mg DHA, to fuel your athletic foundation so you soar to your peak performance.
It helps improve endurance, joint pain, inflammation in the body and perform better
Recover Faster with Triple Strength Omega: MB Fish Oil Gold is loaded with 3 times more EPA (560mg) and DHA (400 mg) and is anti-inflammatory in nature. Omega 3 here helps reduce muscle soreness and Delayed Onset of Muscles (DOMS).
Reduce Inflammation: Created from cold water fish such as sardines with a whooping quantity of 560mg EPA and 400 mg DHA, MB Fish Oil Gold reduces inflammation in your body.
It helps in prevention of injury, improve immunity and boost Muscle Protein Synthesis in athletes.
Improve Cardiac Health: MB Fish Oil Gold is processed via a molecular distillation process to refine the product from heavy metals to upkeep heart health. It helps lower plaque and triglyceride levels to keep your blood pressure low and heart healthy
Accelerate Neurological Fitness: MB Fish Oil Gold is the “brain food” you need because of the relationship between triple strength omega-3 fatty acids and improvement in cognitive function.


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