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MuscleBlaze Pre Workout WrathX ,

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Our Prof. X at the MUSCLEBLAZE ® lab had enough of puny pumps and tiny gains. So he formulated WrathX ™, the most ballistic and potent potion for badass IRON REAPERS looking for monstrous gains! With unique proprietary ingredients, WrathX ™ is for you, so now douse your workout with Xtra energy, Xtra focus, Xtra pump, and Xtra strength gains.


Key Benefits :

  • The all new MuscleBlaze® WrathX is the ultimate pre workout mix to give you an advanced level of performance that you have never witnessed before
  • WrathX is powered with a unique combination of Caffeine, EnXtra and Theanine for explosive energy for every workout
  • With added L- Citrulline, L-Arginine to give you monstrous muscle pump for desired vasodilation
  • A mighty mix of Taurine, Tyrosine and Choline along with Caffeine for laser sharp mental focus and athletic performance
  • Includes Beta-Alanine which improves performance by reducing fatigue and increasing endurance

200 mg Caffeine for instant energy. 150 mg Enxtra bundled with caffeine results in sustained release of energy for upto 5 hours, super enhanced focus, NO increase in heart rate and NO caffeine “crash”.

100 mg of Theanine, is an amino acid that boosts levels of brain calming neurotransmitters and lowers stress, in turn making you feel relaxed. 250 mg Tyrosine, an amino acid and nutrient precursor for approximately 90% of the brain’s 3 stimulatory catecholamines (dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinephrine).

750 mg CreaPure helps build higher phosphocreatine reserve of ATP to support intense training sessions and aids in increasing muscle mass.

3000mg Citrulline and 750 mg Arginine increase blood flow to all parts of the body and stimulate nitric oxide production which results in increased pump. They both also help in reducing fatigue and increasing athletic performance.

1600 mg Beta Alanine helps reduce the onset of muscle fatigue by increasing the carnosine levels in the muscles which prevent the formation of lactic acid. It also helps you remain active and energised for a longer duration.

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