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MuscleBlaze Workout Coffee

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MuscleBlaze Workout Coffee is a special formulation of 100 percent natural ingredients that includes high-quality coffee and plenty of herbal goodness. It’s a unique blend that makes coffee a far more potent pre-workout as there is more to it than just caffeine. The herbal might of Shankhpushpi, Panax Ginseng, Ginkgo biloba, KSM-66® Ashwagandha, and Black tea extract is why this coffee is a superior choice. With this one, you don’t have to wonder if the coffee has kicked in. You’ll know and make it count. So if you like to take the natural route for your mind-muscle connection, or you want to gear up to smash a super busy day with ease, tear open a sachet of MB Workout Coffee and brew yourself a Whoop-ass cup.

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Key Benefits
  • 1 MuscleBlaze Workout Coffee is an Au Naturel super fuel that is smooth on taste and high on energy. It’s a stimulating powerhouse laced with Ayurvedic Goodness for those who want the most out of their coffee
  • 2 This Workout Coffee comes infused with the herbal benefits of Shankhpushpi. It’s the brain tonic you need to boost memory and improve cognitive function. The presence of this herb actively heightens focus to jolt you out of sleep and chase away the groggy feeling
  • 3 It contains Panax Ginseng, a naturally occurring stimulant, sometimes referred to as a wonder herb due to its countless health advantages. This herb as a pre-workout supplement boosts energy during complex sports training sessions and helps reap optimum results
  • 4 Another potent addition to brain-stimulating ingredients in MB Workout Coffee is Ginkgo biloba. It can enhance cognitive processes thereby increasing focus to promote optimum physical performance. Additionally, it’s loaded with antioxidants to reduce inflammation
  • 5 With the ‘King of Ayurvedic herbs in its Kitty, MB Workout Coffee is a natural vitality booster. KSM-66® Ashwagandha contains the highest concentration of Ashwagandha. It calms the body by reducing both mental and physical stress and enhances energy levels

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