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Big Muscle Beta – Alanine

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  • Beta-Alanine 4gm serving.Beneficial for athletes in all sports. Favorable effect on Muscle fatigue Endurance. increase muscle carnosine Mix 1 scoop with a drink.
  • Beneficial for athletes in all sports.
  • Favorable effects on Muscle fatigue & Endurance.

[custom tab] [directions]Direction to use: Mix 1 TEASPOON (approx. 2g) of BETA-ALANINE with any of your favorite drinks.[/directions] [ingredients]Ingredients: Beta-Alanine[/ingredients] [info]Train Harder, Lift Heavier, Get Stronger with BIGMUSCLES Beta-Alanine. Beta-Alanine can help increase muscle Carnosine and delays muscle fatigue. Beta-Alanine can help you achieve the ultimate workout intensity and increase your lean muscle mass. Beta-Alanine is an all-natural amino acid that has been scientifically supported to increase anaerobic endurance*. BIGMUSCLES Beta-Alanine supplementation has been shown to_ increase muscle carnosine levels which lead to improved physical performance during high-intensity exercise. Beta-Alanine can help you knock out more reps!

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