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GNC AMP Plant Isolate , 25g plant protein , 7g of EAA

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GNC AMP Plant Isolate an ultra-pure concentrate obtained from premium pea protein isolate & brown rice protein extracts to give you an ideal lactose-free & soy-free alternative to Whey & other animal-sourced proteins. GNC’s Plant Isolate is intensely purified via an advanced 8-STEP process to deliver a super-clean plant isolate devoid of impurities and has maximum potency. Each serving is packed with 25g plant protein with 10g EAAs and 13.5g muscle-supporting amino acids to form a complete amino acid profile for boosting muscle growth & recovery. This Plant Isolate also has rich nutritional content to help you stay active all day while building your strength.

If you’re looking for a dietary tool to support your mass gain or weight-loss goals, then GNC’s Plant Isolate is the perfect candidate for your plan.

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SUPPORTS HEALTHY MUSCLE GAINS & BOOSTS RECOVERY: GNC’s Plant Isolate contains 25g of plant protein with 10g of EAAs and 13.5g of muscle-supporting amino acids in every serving to provide a complete amino acid system for supporting healthy muscle growth and faster recovery.

ENCOURAGES ACTIVE LIVING & LEVELS UP STRENGTH: GNC’s Plant Isolate is enriched with powerful nutrients to kickstart your day with more energy and enthusiasm. It increases muscle strength and paves a path toward healthy & active living.

PROMOTES WEIGHT MANAGEMENT & CURBS UNWANTED HUNGER: GNC’s Plant Isolate helps maintain a healthy nutritional balance in your daily diet for promoting better weight management. It helps avoid unwanted food cravings and works well as a meal replacement to bolster your protein intake.

EASY TO DIGEST WITH ADDED VITAMINS, MINERALS & MORE: GNC’s Plant Isolate has an added DigeZyme to make the protein easy to digest without causing bloating or heaviness. Also, this plant isolate includes vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and electrolytes to provide micro-nutritional support for your muscle-building and other bodily processes.

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